Carla Has a special ability for finding your hidden skills and abilities while organizing your thoughts and feelings during her coaching sessions. Carla helped me advance my professional career and move forward from a personal perspective as well. Thank you for helping me find my way!                                                                  Brian G. (Burnaby, BC)

Carla coached me through successfully completing my last MBA project requirement. My weekly meetings with her helped me to stay on track with my project demands and at the same time guided me in balancing my career and family responsibilities. Carla’s warm personality, excellent communication skills and professional approach to coaching have made it very easy for me to work with her.                            Maria P. (Vancouver, BC)

Carla was able to help me face some difficult issues and reach resolution. Her tone is non-judgmental and it is easy to sense that Carla is a caring person with a genuine desire to help her clients achieve their goals. I am very grateful to her for helping me through a challenging period.                                                                                 Carla C. (Washington, DC)

Coach Carla’s style is open and authentic. I felt that any topic was welcome, and that she held a genuine interest in what’s important to me. Carla makes excellent use of simple and direct questions. After our sessions, I’d say I’m more relaxed about several challenging areas of my life. I’m more inspired by possibilities in those areas than I was before our coaching together.                                                                  John K. (Berkley, Calif)